This album tells the story of and overcoming a burnout, with music between rock and pop, influenced by other styles as Latin or funk. Walter Kristian, who had toured in the eighties with a Canadian funk comedy combo, started developing a clean tech water treatment in the nineties, developing a concept using musical scales and harmonics to determine the frequencies which are beneficial for plants and animals. With YOUR VIBRATIONS he combines the musical and scientific know how, to deliver the first album FEELING MY GROOVE. This music shall help and inspire people who have themselves or want to help people with a burnout. Many calming new age music exists, this album shall inspire for other moments then calming down, like sensing the nature again, working with your body, experiencing dancing and erotic moods. Walter introduces the fantastic voice of Erna Hemming, for her fans in a surprisingly new way. You can find some profound information on the scientific background later in this booklet. First the story the songs are explained. Therapists can find interesting information on the nature rhythm and the resonance frequencies of the import elements for life built into the music. The instruments here are all tuned to create an environment rich of electrons. You can get all detailed information by downloading the Booklet as PDF.